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Let go of the stress

Relax, unwind and bring your body back into balance

Get healthy

Find the right herbs and supplements for your body and lifestyle

Maintain it

Learn how to keep your body and spirit balanced

Reiki treatments

Reiki is a holistic healing therapy that treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit.  You leave feeling peaceful, relaxed, energized, free of burdens and ready to take on the challenges of life.


45 min of reiki & 15 min consult

$60 initial

$80 follow-up


The Standard reiki treatment is our most popular treatment. Book this treatment if you are new to reiki, need a tune up or are short on time.


60 min of reiki & 15 min consult



The Deep Healing treatment allows more time to work on deeper rooted issues. Book this treatment if you have been experiencing long term stress, feel on the edge or exhausted.


Herbal consultations

An herbal consultation in an indepth analysis of your current state of health. You leave with a recommended list of lifestyle changes, diet suggestions, herbs and supplements targeted to YOUR body, lifestyle and budget. All our herbal remedies are custom made for our clients in-house and infused with reiki energy.


90 min


%10 discount on remedies

All body systems are reviewed to determine what the underlying causes of your condition are and what treatment is best suited for you. Book this treatment if you have an ongoing health condition or you just wish to feel better and get healthier.


30 min


%10 discount on remedies

A quick overview of your symptoms, medical history and what supplements and medications you are taking. Book this appointment if you have a simple health concern such as a cold, short term stress, trouble sleeping or injury.


30 min


A quick overview of your symptoms and what is and isn't working. Book this appointment if you are following up with your treatment plan.


30 min


Each treatment includes a quick 30 min review of your current health, a list of supplements and vitamins to take, lifestyle changes and a custom herbal remedy.